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Whereas IMAGIC programs (since 1980) will automatically loop over stacks of 1D or 2D images, the new program versions will also automatically loop over stacks of 3D volumes present in an IMAGIC input "4D file".

All 3D operations are now in-core ensuring fast processing avoiding unnecessary input/output operations.

The extended IMAGIC-4D file format remains compatible with the previous IMAGIC-5 format.

All time-critical programs exploit MPI parallelization allowing for millions of input images to be processed efficiently.

Some IMAGIC-4D commands:

MSA-RUN: MSA eigenvector data compression (high speed parallelization with parallel I/O through local scratch files; terabyte-sized files - containing millions of images or 3D volumes - can now be processed.

THREED-RECONSTRUCTION: Reconstruction of multiple 3D volumes using the "exact filter" algorithm and our new 3D-deconvolution algorithm. Produces stacks of 3D reconstructions. CPU needs scale proportionally with the number of input images.

M-R-A (multi-reference alignment): MPI parallelized alignments and Euler angle assignments with respect to references from multiple 3D volumes. Various new alignment options (including "brute force").

ANGULAR-RECONSTITUTION: Euler Angle assignments and refinements with respect to multiple 3D volumes as anchor sets.

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