2-D Crystals in IMAGIC

Image processing and image analysis of 2-D crystals



Standard image manipulations, cutting of images, blow up, rotations, filtering (high-pass, low-pass, etc.), arithmetic operations, Fourier transformations, statistics, complex images, display and plot, etc.
2-D Crystal of RuBisCO Negatively stained RuBisCO crystal
Band-pass filtering, Fourier peak search, Fourier peak filtering, etc.

Correlation averaging, storage of the patches within one (huge) image file, resolution criteria, etc.
Sort co-ordinates, print and impose transfer function, etc.
(Intra-class) averaging, resolution criteria, etc.

Multivariate statistical analysis and classification of the crystal patches, MSA maps, correlation averaging etc.
Many further related commands

Relevant Pointers

The IMAGIC image processing and analysis system:
  Single Particles
  3-D Processing and Reconstruction
  2-D Crystals

GISP: The GUI oriented IMAGIC Single Particles Analysis

IMAGIC Shared Resources

em2em: 3DEM Image Conversion Program

FSC: Program to calculate the Fourier Shell Correlation


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