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Image Science Software GmbH is specialised in advanced image processing of large and complex data sets. The IMAGIC image processing package, distributed by Image Science is the commercialised version of a scientific software system developed within the group of Prof Marin van Heel at the Fritz-Haber-Institut of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Berlin (GER) and at the Imperial College in London (UK).

Image Processing

The IMAGIC sofware package contains many standard image processing features and excels in specific directions, such as: mixed radix Fourier transforms, cross correlation alignment algorithms, multivariate statistical analysis, pattern recognition, automatic classification, three-dimensional ("3-D") and "4-D"image processing and reconstruction, etc.

The IMAGIC software is mainly used in 3D Electron Microscopy (Structural Biology) but is also used in Spectra Analysis, 2-D Shape Anylsyis and other research fields


Image Science offers various support and help like software and user support. Image Science is partner and co-organizer of the Brazil School for Single Particles Cryo Electron Microscopy.

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